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Conference at the University of Agder 22 August


’Biblical’ Texts Older than the Bible

University of Agder

22 August 13.00-18.00

Room: B2 004


13.00-13.05   Introduction, Welcome

Årstein Justnes, University of Agder

13.05-14.05   ”Authoritative Works, Texts, and Figures in the Second Temple Period”

Eibert Tigchelaar, KU Leuven


14.15-15.15  “Rewriting of Scripture in 2nd Century Judea: Scope, Purpose and Presumed Authority in the Genesis Apocryphon and Jubilees”

Esther Eshel, Bar Ilan University


15.15-15.45   Coffee, fruit, sandwiches


15.45-16.45   ”The Role and Function of Enochic Literature in Second Temple Judea”

Michael Langlois, University of Strasbourg


17.00-18.00   ”Different Recensions of ’Biblical’ Books Exemplified by the Jeremia Fragment from The Schøyen Collection”

Torleif Elgvin, Evangelical Lutheran University College, Oslo


Articles 2012

Torleif Elgvin, “The Gabriel Text,” Encyklopedia of the Bible and Its Reception. Forthcoming de Gruyter

Popular Articles

Torleif Elgvin, “Israels-kjærlighet på avveie?” Kronikk i Vårt Land 1. oktober (2012).

Torleif Elgvin, “Bruk av historien i Bibelens land,” Kronikk i Trønderavisa 26. september (2012)

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Torleif Elgvin, “Hvordan tenkte de bibelske forfatterne selv?” ( 17. mars 2012)