Articles and books 2013

Michael Langlois, “Un manuscrit araméen inédit du livre d’Hénoch et les versions anciennes de 1 Hénoch 7,4.” Semitica 55 (2013): 101–16.

Torleif Elgvin, “Jesus mellom kirke og synagoge”. Norsk Tidsskrift for Misjonsvitenskap 67  (2013): 87–101

Torleif Elgvin, “The Gabriel Inscription, b. Sukkah 52a, and Psalm 2”. Semitica 55 (2013): 139–45.

Kipp Davis, “Prophets of Exile: 4QApocryphon of Jeremiah C, Apocryphal Baruch, and the Effcacy of the Second Temple”. Journal for the Study of Judaism 44 (2013): 1–33.

Årstein Justnes, Hallvard Hagelia og Tor Vegge. Ny bibel, nye perspektiver: Grunntekster, oversettelse og teologi. Kristiansand: Portal, 2013.

ÅJ 6/10/13


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