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Papers 2013

Torleif Elgvin, “A New Fragment of Deut 32:5-9 and the Textual Tradition,” 24 November, SBL Annual Meeting, Baltimore.

Kipp Davis, “A New Fragment from the Schøyen Collection of Dead Sea Scrolls, and Implications for the Textual History of the Book of Kings,” November 24, SBL Annual Meeting, Baltimore.

Kipp Davis, “The War Text 4Q491: Re-Construction and Re-Assessment,”Holy Scriptures Forum, August 27.

Kipp Davis, “The Social Milieu of the Jeremiah Scriptures in Second Temple Judaism: New Light from the Schøyen Collection and the Evidence for Multiple Literary Editions at Qumran,” 6 August, 2013, International Organization of Qumran Studies, Munich.

Torleif Elgvin, “A New Small-Sized Scroll of Ruth from Qumran, Liturgical Power, and the Way of Megillot Towards Canonisation,” August 5, 2013 IOQS, München .

Årstein Justnes, ”4QApocryphon of Daniel ar (4Q246) and Luke 1:32–35: Some Observations,” 7th Enoch Seminar. July 21-26, 2013. Camaldoli.

Kipp Davis, “Edom as a Polemical Figure: Allusions to the Family History of Esau in the Dead Sea Scrolls,” July 25, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Kipp Davis, “Scribal Intervention in Jeremiah 3? A Report from The Schøyen Collection of Dead Sea Scrolls,” June 17–18, Leuven and Gronningen Joint Colloquium on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Kipp Davis, “The Textual History of Jeremiah 9:11–15: New Developments and their Implications,” Holy Scriptures Forum, April 19.

KIpp Davis, “DJD 32 and the Great Isaiah Scroll,” Holy Scriptures Forum, March 1.

Kipp Davis, “‘Stegemetrics’ in the Qumran Scrolls: An Exercise in the Material Restoration and Reconstruction of 4QApocryphon of Jeremiah C-a (4Q385a),” Holy Scriptures Forum, January 18.

Årstein Justnes, “4QApocryphon of Daniel ar (4Q246) and the Book of Daniel,” Holy Scriptures Forum, January 4.

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